Resettlement Program

Stories of military servicemen that have discovered a new direction in civil society with the support of the Resettlement Centers


Dimitar Terziev

After leaving the regime of the Bulgarian Army, I began work in a construction company. However, neither the performed activities nor my remuneration were satisfactory. For a long time I tried to find a job from newspaper advertisements unsuccessfully, until I accidentally came across the Resettlement Center (RC) in Sofia at Resource Center Foundation. There, I was accepted with affability and after consulting with the team I was offered a job position in the private firm “Printa Luks”.  I went to an interview after which I was given the position. I am content with my work position and the remuneration as well as with the personal relations with my employer.

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to the entire center team, which helped me during a difficult time period.

Lazar Pepechkov

My name is Lazar Pepechkov.  I graduated from Higher Military School (HMS) "V. Levski", Veliko Tarnovo with specialty in “EII Engineering ". I am an officer from the reserve with twenty-six years of experience in the Bulgarian Army. In 2000 I was enrolled in the procedure of notification of dismissal. 

I met the Chief Regional Coordinator of the Resettlement Center in Plovdiv during the organizing of a group for re-qualification course in the branch of the University of Veliko Tarnovo in Plovdiv. There I successfully completed a course in  “Management of a small firm”. 

My first encounter with the RC’s Professional Orientation Coordinator was during the abovementioned training. There were two available work positions in RC at The Paper and Cellulose Factory “Tzelhart” – Stamboliiski. One-day later I was called by the RC to be informed that I qualify for the requirements for the announced position. That is how I met the Social Adaptation Coordinator as well.  I had a psychological profile created for me. Work that I had performed in the army concurred to a great extend with the requirements of the performance record for the position of a “Logistics Supervisor”.  That could have been the main reason for which I was preferred over other colleagues. I prepared all necessary documentation with the Professional Orientation Coordinator and left for city of Stamboliiski along with three other colleagues.  We were of course nervous about the fact that we had to personally emphasize our skills and qualifications, however we also needed the job. 

Since January I have been working at “Tzelhard” AC and I am content with my job. By the virtue of the support of the Resettlement Center in Plovdiv, I managed to override my leaving a system, in which I had been for 26 years, with less difficulty. 

Kondio Kondev

My name is Kondio Petrov Kondev and I am a former military serviceman – currently retired. I may state that I am one of those who managed to adapt to the civil society and begin work.  

I would say that the Resettlement Center in Sliven at Resource Center Foundation assisted me in this respect to a great extend. I also dare to state that due to my established relations as an active officer, I was aware of these types of activities and the creation of such center long ago.

And so the time when I had to use the support of those working specialists in the center came.

At first, during the first meeting I approached the specialists with much skepticism. However, during the following meetings with the Administrator and Professional Orientation Coordinator, this skepticism of mine vanished. I felt their concern with helping me in finding a job and with an open heart I may say that they did all that with much pleasure. While talking to them I was convinced that they are specialists dedicated to their work. When trying to apply for a job in the firm hiring security guards, it turned out that I was to fill out a psychological test. And thus off to RC again. This time I needed psycho-sociological help, which I received from the Social Adaptation Coordinator. I am infinitely thankful to that person for having managed to make me believe that I can manage successfully before the employer. After all this, I may state that whoever seeks the support of RC in Sliven, will receive useful, competent, efficient and professional help.

Apparently the Chief Regional Coordinator of this center has skillfully selected the people to work with and has managed to create a team in the exact meaning of phrase. I advise all my future “faith colleagues” to visit the RC in Sliven and I am absolutely assured that they will receive that which they seek – professional support.

Ivan Angeov

I had the opportunity to take participation into the forth seminar under the project: “Psychosocial adaptation of redundant military servicemen into the civil society” with the collaboration of the Chief Regional Coordinator of Veliko Turnovo Resettlement Center. It was held on 16-18. 06.2000 in Varna. At that time we had the opportunity to discuss about the coming establishment of the Resettlement Center in Veliko Turnovo and the tasks that have to be solved. Now, one year later, I may state that I know the Resettlement Center team because of my frequent visits there and in my opinion the team works more than successfully. I am strongly convinced that the Resettlement Center as an institution justifies its establishment and successfully solves the problems concerning the social adaptation and economic integration of redundant military servicemen into the civil society. I work with the Resettlement Center team from its establishment. My visits’ aim was not necessary for professional orientation for I had started work already, but rather for receiving more information about the reform in the army, because that is where I spent one of the best years in my life.   I have registered officially in the Resettlement Center on 16.03.2001 and I was very happy because I was their 100 member. A month later, I had the opportunity to take participation in course on “ Entrepreneurship and small company management”, financed by Hans Zeidel Foundation. The themes were well selected and with practical purpose. After finishing the course, most of the participants decided to establish an own club where to generate ideas for business projects and jointly to implement them.

I still have not started-up an own business, but the information that I gained there helped me successfully to manage my work team at present.

I recommend to all my friends who still have not visited the Resettlement Center to do it!

I wish good luck to the team in its noble activity!

Georgi Chervenakov – Herbs Producer

In the year 2000 Mr. Chervenakov was made redundant and registered in the Resettlement Center in Veliko Turnovo (Registration No 28/2000). Mr. Chervenakov had an own business idea, but with the support of the Resource Center Foundation team it was concretized and developed. Mr.Chervenakov needed in-depth knowledge in the field of business planning. The RC’s team offered him an opportunity to participate in “Start-up an own business” course, organized by the RC and “Fael” Foundation. The course helped Mr.Chervenakov to develop a business plan for lavender cultivation. The requirements of SAPARD Program and State Fund “Agriculture” deepened the relations with the Resettlement Center. The business plan of Mr.Chervenakov was improved and submitted under SAPARD Program. The Resettlement Center Team actively worked with Mr. Chervenakov for establishing numerous business relations in the country and abroad. In April 2000, the business project of Mr. Chervenakov was approved by SAPARD Program. The investment value was 14 000 euro and according to the program conditions 50 % of it had to be reimbursed. Additionally the RC’s team supported Mr. Chervenakov to get loan from SG Expressbank to the value of 1 250 euro.

In our common work we have decided to establish a branch organization of the herbs producers in the region of Veliko Turnovo. Jointly with the District Service for Agricultural Advices we organized the constituent assembly as Mr. Chervenakov was elected for Chairman of the organization. The RC’s Legal Consultant prepared the whole documentation and the NGO was registered in Veliko Turnovo District Court.


At present Mr.Chervenakov plans to start the cultivation of another sorts of herbs.

Marin StefanovSecurity Company

Mr. Marin Stefanov was made redundant from the Bulgarian Army in the end of 1999 and registered in Veliko Turnovo Resettlement Center in April 2001 (Registration No 126/ 19.04.2001). He is a partner in a security company. After the company registration in 2001, it has not carried out any activity, because of difficulties to find clients. In 2002 the State Consultative Center in Veliko Turnovo announced an auction for security of the center. Mr. Stefanov appealed then for support from the RC. The Resource Center Foundation team assisted him in preparing the tender documentation and the company was selected by the commission. The good company presenting and the collaboration with the RC were approved and the company signed a one-year contract with the State Consultative Center. Mr. Stefanov hired former military servicemen as security guards after preliminary selection, done by the Social Adaptation Coordinator at the RC.

Currently the company is expanding its activities by organizing re-qualification courses for security guards, jointly with the University of Veliko Turnovo “St.Cyril and St.Methodius”.


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