Resettlement Program



If your business needs a personnel with qualities like:

-         loyalty;

-         self-discipline;

-         constancy;

-         leadership;

-         team work;

-         target oriented;

-         good organizational and planning skills;

-         high professional qualification

you are able to contact the Resettlement Center in your region, where the staff will offer you a data base with people who have right these qualities. The staff will help you to make the best choice and find the right person! We offer you the opportunity to announce your vacant job positions via Internet by filling in the form after the text and sending it to the Resettlement Center in your region.

If you have additional questions or you need more information, click on Conacts and call the “Professional Orientation” Coordinator.




Please, provide recent and correct information in order to do our best to help you!

We are waiting for you!

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